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SWRDevTools 不是 Vercel 的官方项目。

¥SWRDevTools is not an official project of Vercel.

SWR 开发工具 (opens in a new tab) 是 SWR 的开发者工具,有助于调试 SWR 缓存和获取器。

¥SWRDevTools (opens in a new tab) is a developer tool for SWR, which helps to debug your SWR cache and fetchers.

你可以从扩展页面安装 SWR DevTools 并以零设置使用它!

¥You can install SWR DevTools from the extension pages and use it with zero settings!

安装后,SWR devtool 面板将出现在浏览器的开发者工具中。

¥After installing it, the SWR devtool panel will appear on browsers' developer tools.

查看有关 website (opens in a new tab)repository (opens in a new tab) 的更多信息

¥Checkout more information on the website (opens in a new tab) and the repository (opens in a new tab)